PlusOne Solution Limited

PlusOne Solution Limited 新研科技有限公司

PlusOne Solution Limited is a technology company that provides professional development  and solutions (chipset to product) to worldwide customers.

PlusOne solution headquarter is based in Hong Kong and all directors located in Hong Kong.

With our years’ experience, Plusone’s members had well knowledge on mixed signal electronics chip design, solution, application and businesses.

We can provide and develop the innovative and advanced products to the industry in terms of developing, sourcing and distributing.  Analog and audio  are plusone ‘s most strong and experienced area as well.

We can provide the consultant service on analog, audio solution and product for branding and manufacturers on innovative projects. Plusone has  trading business on audio chips and innovation products flexibly as well.


Solutions and products

Active headphone solution with enhanced sound consulting.

Active headphone solution with noise cancellation (A.M.S. // Bestechnic engagement with IDH)

Ultra small active earphone solution and products

Products , solutions and chips trading……..


ANC + BT headphone

ANC+BT Headphone (solution or product developing)


speaker outlook

Hi-End premium portable speaker    (Bluetooth or WiFi version)


Solution PCB example

Solution PCBA example (ANC)


DSC03566 DSC03576 DSC03585 DSC03610 DSC03613

Armature and coil high quality earphones


Zhock Audio dual dynamic driver (local brand)  from chiba IDH

z1 z2  z5 z6 z7





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